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All wood decks need cleaning and a stain to protect and preserve. Composites need to be cleaned. Kalamazoo Power Washing has the experience performing our deck cleaning with professional grade products.  This is why hiring an expert power washing deck cleaning service is crucial to protecting and restoring a huge investment like a wooden deck on a house.  As wood is concerned, not everyone has the skills to clean pressure treated wood and even the more exotic hardwoods such as mahogany, ipe, and teak.

We provide free estimates on all wood deck restoration and pressure cleaning services. Some homeowners believe they need a new deck since the appearance of the wood surface and grain has diminished, the deck has aged, or perhaps there’s an inordinate amount of mold and mildew.  All the wood may really need is a professional pressure cleaning prior to a quality seal and or staining.

All exterior wood decks require maintenance.  No matter how good the seal or stain was in its original form, decks need a proper cleaning or the wood will rot and decay causing it to fail early. Kalamazoo Power Washing, we can make an old, weathered, dirty wood deck look new again with our proven pressure cleaning process.  We handle he cleaning of wood decks to sealing out water to protect decking from the harsh elements

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