Patio Cleaning & Restoration

Your patio is the highlight of your outdoor summers. This is supposed to be an area where your family can come together and enjoy time with each other. Unfortunately, dirt, harsh weather elements and outdoor residues can damage the patio of your home. Kalamazoo Power Washing specializes in professional patio cleaning services for customers in Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas. Our patio cleaning service will magic remove these harmful particles from your patio, and we will make the space fully functional again.

A traditional American patio is made up of a slab of concrete that is attached to the back of your house. Sometime homeowners upgrade these patios to be made of stone, brick or attached to a wooden deck. No matter what style of patio you have, if it is located outside it is susceptible to damages from the harsh outdoor elements.

Patios can quickly become riddled with rust stains, dirt, mud and other distasteful particles. The best way to clean your patio is to take advantage of our professional patio cleaning services. Having a professional clean your patio will save you time, hassle and stress. Our cleaners are certified to handle the heavy pieces of equipment required to clean your patio. We also train our employs to follow our strict safety guidelines to ensure their safety, your safety and the safety of your property.

If you have a hideous stain in the center of your patio or deck, Kalamazoo Power Washing has the proper equipment and skills to properly remove the stain. You can trust our professionals to handle the job courteously, skills and professionalism. If you are looking for a professional patio cleaning service, Kalamazoo Power Washing is the only company for the job. Our professionals provide you with a high quality service and exceptional customer service. We will have your patio completely spotless.

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