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Is your roof covered with black streaks?

The black streaks on your shingle roofing are not the shingle tar running down the roof as it is often thought to be. It is also not a build up of dirt. The black streaks are black algae growing on your roof. The fungus grows well in our humid weather and feeds on the materials used to make your roof shingles. When left untreated the roofing will experience premature aging and granule loss.

All shingle roof manufactures recommend cleaning with low pressure. High pressure can create premature granule loss and exposure of the weathering layers of your shingle, along with many other destructive issues. Our cleaning process involves the no pressure application of shingle cleaners to safely eradicate the fungus. This involves a low pressure application and rinse to insure no damage to your shingles. The process doesn’t involve a power washer on the roof or dragging a surface cleaner up and down your roof.

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