Why You Should Hire a Professional Power Washing Company

Why You Should Hire a Professional Power Washing Company

Why Hiring a Professional is Always The Best Choice

You can buy a pressure washer just about anywhere. Walmart even sells them. But just because they’re available doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get one. Besides, when you hire a pro, that expert already comes with his own toys. Finding the Goldilocks spot is a balancing act. Too little pressure and you’re only going compact the grime deeper into the grains of wood. Too much pressure causes etching in the surface. A pro knows when it’s not too hot and not too cold. They know when everything’s just right.

Finding the Right Contractor

As with hiring any type of contractor, you want to get what you pay for. There are other advantages to picking the proper pro. To find the right one, ask some questions like this:

  • Do you have insurance?
  • Are you bonded?
  • Do you have worker’s comp?
  • Do you have any certifications?
  • Can I get a list of your references?
  • What type of process do you use?
  • What strength of pressure do you apply on vinyl (less than 800 psi), wood (1000 psi), roofs (no more than what flows from a garden hose)?
  • What kind of cleaning materials and chemicals do you use?


Now that you’ve picked the right person, here’s what you can expect from a pro:

No Work for You: Having someone who actually knows what they’re doing is always better than retaining a weekender like yourself. What’s that old saying about lawyers? “The man who defends himself in court has a fool for a client.” You can do it yourself, but why? Don’t have anything better to do with your free time?

They’re Experts: If you plan to replace the deck, why are you having it cleaned in the first place? That’s a stark way of saying a contractor is less likely to cause you to have to tear down your deck and start with all new lumber.

Insurance: Check your homeowner’s policy. Five times out of five, you’re not covered if you intentionally destroy your own property.

Best Toys: When you hire a professional, they come equipped with the latest gizmos and gadgets to do the job. When you rent a power washer, you have one project in mind. Hiring a contractor means they’re ready to handle any unexpected developments.

Being Green: Whenever cleaning solutions are used on a job, Mother Nature is watching. So is the Environmental Protection Agency. A good contractor will have a grand plan to ensure that they minimize any environmental impact when doing the job. Some companies go as far as collect the run-off and dispose of it off-site.

You’ve got years of all kinds of junk that builds-up on your vinyl siding, deck and roof. Is it time to rejuvenate your outdoor “look?” Remember, when professional improvements are made, property values rise, neighbors are happy that your house isn’t owned by a slob and, frankly, if it’s your business that’s getting a cleaning, you might be inviting more customers to your store. They will, in the long-run, help pay for the pro.

We have also provided an easy to read inforgraphic on the main reasons to hire a professional.